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Samuel(1) lived at 43 Snells Park from, at least, 1912 until his death in 1919. Update No 9 provided a map and description of the house.

Joan South has kindly loaned photographs including a family group taken in the Snells Park garden.

Any assistance in the identification of the unknown people or other photographs of Snells Park would be most welcome.

Back row - (L to R) - Walter South - Edith Cook - (not known) - Charles South - John South - Alice South - (not known)

Centre Row - (L to R) - Emily Maud - (baby unknown) - Florrie South - (not known) - (not known) - (not known) - (not known) - Lily South

Front Row (L to R) - Maud South - Elsie South - Hilda South - (not known).


A booklet "Upper Edmonton in Pictures" includes a photograph of the Ebenezer Chapel, off Fore Street, and close to Snells Park, shortly before it was demolished in 1959. It is believed that this is the Chapel attended by Samuel(1) and recalled in the following memories:

"Our grandfather South went regularly to an Ebenezer chapel off Fore Street. I never went there but Hilda [Beech nee South - sister] did I remember. It must have been quite an ordeal, hours of extempore prayer etc."

Gladys Short nee South

"Samuel(l) joined Ebenezer chapel in Fore Street - congregation included brickmakers and other local businessmen."

Jim South

"We (brother John as well) were taken to Chapel which was very "down to earth" that's why the hymns were started with a tuning fork. I don't know the name but it was within walking distance of their house in Snells Park. I don't know about other members of the family but certainly it was the chapel which Samuel(l) supported."

Maud Hickson nee South

Again, if there is any further information about the chapel, it would be most welcome.


On the death of Sir William Curtis (see Update 18) in 1829 the Manorships of Tottenham, held in trust, passed down the male line to his son, William(1782-1847) and grandson, the third Baronet, William (1804-1870) who married Georgiana Maria Stratton. Their first child, William Edmund (1833-1860), was born on 26 October 1833. By a deed of the 9 February 1859, income from the Manor formed part of the settlement of the marriage on 10 February 1859 between William Edmund Curtis and Ariana Emily Master in which she was to receive certain benefit from the estate should she survive her husband.

William Michael Curtis (1859-1916), the only child of William Edmund and Ariana, was born on 11 November 1859 and William Edmund died six months later on 11 May 1860 with his widow, Ariana Emily, re-marrying George Burney Charleton on 25 June 1868. The third Sir William Curtis outlived his eldest son (William Edmund) and the re-marriage of his daughter-in-law but died on 7 November 1870. The Baronetcy passed to his grandson, William Michael. Certain rights, including the power of enfranchisement, seem to have been relinquished by Ariana and her new husband by an Indenture of the 11 October 1871 and on the 11 November 1880 William Michael Curtis, great great grandson of the first Sir William Curtis, attained the age of twenty-one. 

On the 30 April 1881, Frederick Alderton, Gentleman of Brentwood, Essex, purchased the copyhold tenure of the Clay Hill land and buildings from Bramston Baker for the sum of £7,500 and was duly admitted as a manorial tenant. By a transaction of the 31 October 1881 The Trustees of the Settled Estates of Sir William Michael Curtis enfranchised the Clay Hill land freeing it from copyhold and sold it for £1,178 to Frederick Alderton who became the freeholder.

In the purchases of the copyhold and freehold of the Clay Hill land, Alderton had acted as trustee for John Edward Ford, Gentleman of East India Dock Road, who had funded both of the transactions. On the 30 December 1881, Alderton conveyed the enfranchised land to Ford for the nominal consideration of ten shillings.

The Clay Hill land was the subject of several transactions over the following years many of them again involving John Edward Ford who also leased land in White Hart Lane for brickmaking to Samuel(1) in 1894. Immediately after acquiring the Clay Hill land Ford raised a mortgage of £3,800 at a rate of 4.25% on the 2 January 1882 from Mary Baker, widow, and Hannah Ann Baker, spinster, of Brentwood, Essex, to whom the land was conveyed as security. On the 30 August 1882 Mary and Hannah Ann Baker transferred the mortgage to Hannah Ann Baker and Maria Louisa Baker who later married Ezekiel Dove, a farmer of Doddinghurst, Essex.

(to be continued)


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