This website is devoted to recording and sharing the history of the South family and Samuel South & Sons, horticultural pottery manufacturers. The branch of the family lived for several generations in the villages of Barkway, Barley and Reed, south of Royston, in North Hertfordshire. Joseph South(1) (1822-1906) left Barley, after the marriage to his first wife, Emma Bright, in 1844, and made his way towards London working as a brickmaker.

In 1868 Joseph founded a small pottery in Dysons Road, Edmonton, and the same year Emma died. He sold the pottery to his son, Samuel South(1) (1853-1919) in 1874 before emigrating to New Zealand with his second wife, Mary Ann Dutton. Samuel(1) expanded and moved the business to White Hart Lane, Tottenham, in 1886. On his death, the pottery passed to his eldest son Samuel(2) (1876-1956). The pottery closed in 1960.

Although dedicated to South history, the site contains information of more general interest about Tottenham, Edmonton, Barley, Barkway, Reed, the Pottery and Nursery industries, the New River etc. This site would not have possible without the many members of the South family and others who have generously provided information, donated material and loaned photographs and to whom heartfelt thanks are owed.

The site is divided into sections [see below] which are described below and can be accessed by clicking on the highlighted headings. The site map facility on the Search page provides an overview of the contents.

........How Rural Tottenham Disappeared

The book describes how within the space of a few years the area around White Hart and Devonshire Hill lanes was transformed from a rural landscape into the urban environment of today. Click on heading for further details - Now out of print.

........South From Barley

The story of the South Family and Samuel South & Sons is now published in book form. Click on heading for further details.

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The web site was published on 11 October 2000 and continues under development. It is intended to add to the site over the coming weeks and months and, therefore, it will be worth re-visiting to check on the latest material and research.


A search engine dedicated to the site has now been added to enable information on specific topics to be located more easily. A site map is included so that the entire contents of the site can be viewed.


This section contains the text of articles that have appeared in archival magazines, more recent contributions to local history societies and from contributors. "South from Barley" is a summary of the family history from 1822.


Fifty six issues of the Update have been published since the first edition in 1996 was circulated to family members and others providing details of the continuing research into Samuel South & Sons and the South famiy.


Details of material collected to date during the research into Samuel South & Sons and the South family. The Archive includes lists of other personalities e.g.  friends, local businessmen, potmakers and nurserymen. Where practicable either transcripts or reproductions of the original material will be included.  


Check the members of the South family recorded to date and discover their relationship with Joseph South(1) 1822-1906. New Geneaological table added


Details of publications, Societies, Links to other sites.


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