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Update 54 published - Pilgrimage to Dunkirk

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Publication of How Rural Tottenham Disappeared 

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LATEST May 2006

The story of the South Family and Samuel South & Sons is now published in book form. Click on above heading for further details. The official launch on the book takes place at Bruce Castle Museum on Saturday, 20 May 2006 at 3pm. Copies of the book will not be available until after this date.

Bruce Castle Museum, 
Lordship Lane, 
London N17 8NU; 

Tel 020 8808 8772  

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Updated - Royston Family History Society now online
Updated - Cole Pottery site re-designed

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Updated - Bruce Castle Museum

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Four new biographies

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Link to Lower Edmonton site

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 Business Map
"Life Preserver"

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"Arrival of the 'Buckinghamshire'"
"My Emigration" by Michael Short
"Clay Hill and the New River" by Ken Barker

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"Joseph and Mary Ann South in New Zealand" by Judith Cranefield published 

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Additions to Articles section.

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LATEST April 2001

John Harris of Harris Digital Productions reports that work on the new Lea Valley film will start shortly.
A new link has been made with the family website of Irene Robinson nee Willis.  Irene is a direct descendant of the Bysouth family and is the 5th great-granddaughter of Thomas Bysouth the younger brother of William, great-grandfather of Joseph South(1) 1822-1906
First photo gallery published
Second photo gallery published 

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Update 28 published

LATEST  February 2001

John Harris of Harris Digital Productions has reported that copies of the video "The Lea Valley Nursery Industry" are no longer available. However, John is engaged with a TV pilot featuring the same topic. Copies of the video can be loaned from the South Archive.

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Improvements to text and layout
Additions to ARCHIVE
Samuel South & Sons Flower Pot calendar
Samuel South & Sons ephemera
Additions to ARTICLES
Nurserymen by "Jim" South 

 December 2000

All Updates now added.
Improved Links page
Improved navigation buttons
Publication of all River House Deeds - Archive Section - completed 

November 2000

More in the Archive
Even more additions to the Archive
More additons to the Archive
Improved page links
Transcripts of the River House deeds are being added (Archive section - "Inventory of River House Deeds")
"Wood Green Past" by Albert Pinching has now been published. There is a section on Samuel South & Sons. Copies can be ordered from Hornsey Historical Society, 136 Tottenham Lane,  Hornsey, London N8 7EL . Price £15.95 plus £2 P & P. Cheques payable to Hornsey Historical Society.

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