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"South Corner" - Edmonton Cemetery - September 2004

Twelve members of the South family, including Samuel South(1) and his brother, Joseph, are interred in neighbouring burial plots at Edmonton Cemetery, creating a "South Corner". Descriptions of the memorials numbered in the above photograph appear below.

Newspaper reports of the inquests held after the deaths of Samuel(1) and his brother, Joseph, were published in Update Nos. 11 and 12.  

1. Plot 729.1

Gordon Smith [Samuel(1) son-in-law]
Died 6.7.1938 "aged 53"

"In Memory of my Loving Husband"

Ethel Rose [Samuel(1) daughter]
Died 25.10. 1969 "aged 85"

"And his Devoted Wife"


2. Plot 728.1

Samuel South [Samuel(1)]
Died 2.1.1919 "in his 66th year"

"Prepare me Gracious Lord
To stand before Thy face
Thy spirit must the work perform
For it is all of Grace"

Alice South [wife]
Died 5.11.1936 "in her 87th year"

"Oh, that with yonder sacred throng
We at His feet may fall
Join in the everlasting songAnd crown Him Lord of all"

Alice [daughter]
Died 20.1.1959 "in her 81st year"

Lily May Keziah [daughter]
Died 28.9.1986 "in her 90th year"

3. Plot 727.1

Joseph South [brother of Samuel(1)]
Died July 25 1897 "aged 46 years"

"It was but noon and yet the sunshine came
He had not wearied of the working day
But one whom well he knew whispered his name
And at the call he rose and passed away"

 Sarah [wife]
Died 11 January 1910 "in her 61st year"

"They shall hunger no more, neither thirst any more, neither shall there be any more pain"

"Joy after sorrow, calm after blast
Rest after weariness, sweet rest at last

4. Plot 724.1 

John Joseph South [son of Samuel(1)]
Died 10.7.1949 "aged 66 years"

"He lived his life helping others"

Maud Mary South [Wife]
Died 10.5.1958 "aged 76 years"




5. Plot 723.1

Samuel South [Samuel(2)]
Died 16.6.1956 "aged 79 years"

"Time passes but memories remain with us always"

Emily Maud South [Wife]
Died 4.9.1966 "aged 90 years"


"Also of Ted" [Son]

"who died at Dunkirk May 26th 1940"
"Never Forgotten"

The Committal of Samuel (2) at Edmonton Cemetery on 21st June 1956

On the 21st June 1956 Samuel South(2) was laid to rest at Edmonton Cemetery close to his father and mother, uncle (Joseph), brother (John), and sisters, Alice, Ethel and Lily.  The memorial headstones of his father and uncle are clearly seen to the left of the photograph.

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